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Job Details

Our award-winning, highly successful digital technology client is looking for a technical author to join its supportive and collaborative technical publications team, producing technical content for technical audiences such as system architects, electronics engineers, and developers.

These contracts can be for five or four days per week and six months to start.

What's needed?

  • Good experience as a technical author in a technology or engineering environment.
  • Excellent English, writing and communication skills.
  • A technical software and/or hardware background, writing for different, highly technical target audiences.
  • If you’re coming from a hardware background, knowledge of the fundamentals of computer architecture, microprocessors, System-on-Chip (SoC), embedded electronics etc. is needed.
  • A variety of experience working on different authoring tools and systems.
  • The ability to ramp up very quickly on processes, tools and systems, with minimal supervision.
  • A variety of experience writing for different fields or domains.
  • Any of the following is desirable: Experience writing abstract concepts and building technical understanding without the ability to do ‘hands-on’ testing; ability to read programming/scripting languages, or at least a familiarity with programming concepts; ability to read multiple sources quickly, and frame questions to maximum effect.


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